Quick steps to grow even quicker

Grow your email list, create great campaign, and get your feedback from your customers



Register with your data.

Create you're own workspace.


Once you have successfully verified the brand and purchased a number, you gain the ability to create Campaigns. Choose the list of customer you want to send the campaign, choose a installed template or from library. Elevate Your Event Experience with Seamless Automation from Start to Finish!



Within the Contacts/Leads section, you are provided with a comprehensive overview of all your contacts. This feature enables you to effortlessly add new contacts, as single one or bulk creation. Initiate new chats for direct communication and access other additional options for contact management.

Response Libraries and event Automations

With this feature, you can strategically design keyword-based responses and actions to streamline your communication process. Customize your workspace to respond intelligently based on specific keywords.


Integrate with Mydev platforms

Sendbat is fully integrated with all other MyDev platforms as well as third party systems. Get ready to put your email campaigns on steroids using an API with favorite platforms