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Unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy with Sendbat’s AI-driven automation tools. With AI at the core, Sendbat ensures your campaigns are not only efficient but also remarkably effective, driving unprecedented engagement and revenue.





Create an effective campaign

Campaigns seek to create warmth, happiness and excitement that people find attractive and desirable.
Give them something very valuable and unique, differentiate your company from the competition and give the customers the opportunity to ask for more information.

Promotional Campaign

Engage with your audience, establish your goals through creativity, consistency and structured communication.

Targeting Campaign

Targeting is crucial for marketing success. Even the best ad needs to reach the right audience at the right time to be effective.

Resulting Campaign

Analyze your campaign performance, view campaign metrics, see the campaign reports.
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AI Response

The AI Response feature in SendBat delivers automated replies to incoming messages based on predefined keywords.

Utilizing advanced natural language processing, it detects specific keywords and triggers relevant responses, ensuring quick and accurate communication. Users can customize these keywords and responses to meet their needs.

This feature enhances user satisfaction by providing instant replies, reducing wait times, and integrating seamlessly with existing communication channels. It's designed to handle high message volumes, making it ideal for businesses aiming to streamline customer support and engagement.