Email Marketing Techniques That Worksnip

Email marketing is crucial to your e-commerce business, it can produce a steady stream of predictive sales. However, if not used correctly, email marketing won’t do anything for your business and the process will feel useless. Here are some tips and tricks to get your online sales where they need to be just like other successful companies selling products online.

Contact List

First, you want to keep narrowing down from your large list of initial leads. The list you currently possess could be 1,000’s or 100,000’s long in size. However, just a few of those contacts are opening the emails, most likely around 15% of them. Keep removing all the email addresses that aren’t bothering to open the emails so you can focus on those that are. Once all the clutter of extra email addresses are useless are removed, proceed to personalize the new content with at least the person’s name included in the opener. By narrowing down the list, your open rates, click rates, and sales rates will be higher.  You might be thinking, “why remove the extra email address, perhaps they’ll open a future email?” Most likely not, the point is, you want to focus more energy and personalization on individuals that have a higher likelihood of purchasing the product or service.


Follow Up

Along with personalizing an email, the next thing you want to do is trigger the prospect to click on the link within the marketing material to get transferred straight to the “buy now” or “add to cart” product page on the website. At this moment, you’ll see how many individuals clicked to visit your e-commerce site and how many actually bought an item. This is very important to know. For those that visit your website and don’t buy the product, it means the email successfully triggered them enough to click onto your site, but they lacked a little nudge, a push forward to buy the item. Therefore, it’s important to have a live chat icon that auto-populates on the website so a human representative can quickly answer any questions about the item that may be hindering their purchase. Be sure to have an FAQ page on the website that will also help in converting more would-be buyers. Anyways, if prospects click onto your website and don’t buy the product or service, always follow up with another email showcasing testimonials from other happy customers, thus usually triggers prospects over the edge to return and complete their purchase.

As for the group that does buy your product, be sure to follow up with them as well because they are highly likely to make a continued additional purchase just after their initial purchase. For example, show on the receipt or order confirmation page the other products you have that can enhance or complement the items they just bought. Again, include customer testimonials or auto-playing videos.


Next, you want to get the timing right. Send out your email marketing campaigns usually within the same timeframe, not whenever is convenient. These campaigns should also be set up in advance, so using an email marketing service like Sendbat will help a lot for this purpose. If Christmas or a major sports event is coming up, you don’t want to be scrambling to produce content last minute, create the email a few weeks in advance so any adjustments can be made if necessary.


Next, you want to keep the emails short and concise. No one opening your emails wants to be overwhelmed with text or images. Did you know emails with too many images get flagged by all the major email platforms (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) and pushed into the “promotions” tab? Do you want your hard written, originally created, marketing email to be simply pushed into the promotion or spam box? No, you don’t! So, do not include a ton of images.

The Optimal Software

Need help with email marketing? Sendbat is here to help. By using Sendbat to automate and send out optimized marketing material, you’ll be able to focus on the business as new orders pile in. Sendbat users can expect the percentage of contacts opening their marketing emails to begin around 15%. If your business is not using an email marketing software like Sendbat, then there’s money being left on the table by not attracting would-be customers from your contact list.  Start earning more, purchase Sendbat today or “sign me up” for a trial.